We Ignite Change

When people come together, incredible things can happen. Change is always possible and at Radius it’s what we do.

We’ll work with you to inspire a purpose-driven culture, where people come together to transform their space of work.

We believe that EDI is everyone’s business, so we’ll help you to ignite change at every level. From Network Leads, Committee Members and Sponsors to Line Managers, EDI Champions, Teams and Councils, together we’ll build spaces where everyone feels they belong.

We are the

We’re the one stop shop for all your employee network and EDI Champion needs.

Our cutting-edge products equip them with the tools, resources and insight they need to innovate and create change. And our programmes are the first of their kind. Alongside you, we are the strategic link between your networks, Champions and the wider business.

Leading our industry for more than 15 years, we work with 850+ international organisations across more than 125+ countries. This gives us the insight and experience to create fantastic programmes that ignite change.

Today we’re recognised as the global expert, evolving networks and organisations around the world and building the diverse leaders of the future.

Our People

Starting life in 2009 as a professional diversity network, we have first-hand experience of the challenges network leaders face and how to overcome them to be a catalyst for change.

We’re an award-winning and dynamic team of EDI and L&D experts, programme developers, creatives and network specialists. We represent a diverse mix of backgrounds, skill sets, cultures and life experiences, each one of us bringing an individual spark and approach to our unique offer.

Network Maturity & Life Cycle

Our 360° development approach creates embedded network life cycles, delivering sustainable value while supporting the evolving needs of your business and people.

Our programmes will help you to build sustainable, consistent network leadership and develop diverse future talent.

Throughout your journey, we’ll track network maturity and benchmark to establish key milestones and measure success.

Our Network Maturity Report & Development Session will give you a deep understanding of exactly where your networks are – and where they need to get to.

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Support at every stage

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Your EDI Ecosystem

A complete range of services to support and align your networks and Champions with the broader EDI Ecosystem. We blend 15 years of cross-cultural knowledge and insight with technology and a creative approach to all of our programmes, products and services.

Our Sustainability

Sustainability is a key pillar of creating fair and inclusive environments – both at work and in the world. We empower employee networks to elevate their impact, helping them to promote environmentally conscious work cultures and influence business for the better.

Our work is closely aligned to UN Sustainability Goals including diversity, inclusion, education and the environment. And as an employer, we’re absolutely committed to embedding sustainability and social responsibility in everything we do.

We provide inclusive education and opportunities for lifelong career enhancement. In particular we encourage leaders to reduce inequalities, improve diversity, and create more opportunities for decent work. We believe in responsible economic growth and inclusive innovation. Our content promotes wellbeing for all and non-discrimination on a global scale. We’re proud to work with the UN, NSPCC, Red Cross and Amnesty International.

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