Bolt-On In-House Session

Help your Sponsors to get the most out of our external programme.

This new bolt-on session brings Sponsors and EDI teams together to review their learnings and ignite change.

We’ll host a bespoke, in-house session where your Sponsors can discuss course takeaways, define their principles and make a plan for action.

Designed to encourage collaborative, intersectional working this is a powerful opportunity to bring senior stakeholders together to discuss how they can align with EDI and have greater impact.

​Further information available on request

Programme Resources

Our programmes are supported by a diverse range of interactive materials, tools and resources.

Network Fusion

Be the catalyst for change

At Radius, we’re unleashing innovation at every level and creating organisations where everyone feels they belong. Empowering network leaders to turn their passion into action. And inspiring senior executives to ignite change.

Fusing top down and bottom up approaches aligned with organisational objectives, unleashes an explosive formula of fast-paced and positive change. This network fusion will help your business to stand out in a changing world and ensure you’re ready for the future, today.