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Help your EDI Champions to be part of history. The global workspace revolution is here and now is the moment to join it.

Our popular entry-level EDI Champion programme is for everyone. Whether team player, manager or senior Exec, we help EDI Champions to harness their skills and passion and ignite change.​

Guiding EDI Champions to find purpose, we support them to align with EDI objectives and mitigate risks and pitfalls along the way.

Working with Radius, they’ll become part of an exciting, global movement that’s transforming organisations around the world into truly representative workspaces.

EDI Champions Programme

October cohort 2024
March 2025 cohort

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Programme Resources

We know that everyone has their own learning style. So our programmes are supported by a diverse range of interactive materials, tools and resources.

Your EDI Ecosystem

Our EDI Champions Programme drives change from the ground up – helping everyone who is passionate about EDI to play their part and ignite change in every part of the business.

Helping Champions to align with organisational objectives and goals, it gives them the tools and confidence to define purpose, support wellbeing, embed inclusion and innovate.

The programme also supports the wider EDI ecosystem, by connecting Champions with EDI teams, networks, Exec Sponsors, HR leads and councils.

Joining the dots right across a business, it brings together everyone with an interest and investment in EDI to deliver powerful, aligned action and build workspaces where everyone feels they belong.

Accessible Everywhere

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