Invest in your
employee networks

We put employee networks, resource groups and EDI Champions at the heart of your organisation and unlock their potential to ignite change.

From London to NYC and Singapore, we’re changing the way organisations embed EDI from the bottom up.

When you partner with us, you’ll join a global movement of thousands of organisations who are creating truly inclusive workspaces, where everyone feels they belong.

Ignite Change

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Why we are different

We’re unique because our focus is on developing employee networks to support the entire ERG ecosystem. We offer a complete range of services and programmes for everyone involved in an ERG’s success.

From network audits, playbooks, maturity reports and in-house summits to our global Employee Network Leadership Programme, we support EDI teams and businesses at every stage of their journey.

Our Mission

To build better networks together

We’re the pioneers of our industry. The first provider to focus solely on employee networks. Our story is every network’s story. We understand your challenges, because we’ve been there too.

Starting life as a diversity network, Radius was born out of passion, fear and a drive to make a difference. As a successful network, we wanted to lift everyone up. 16 years later, we’re the go-to provider. It’s an incredible story, and it’s your story too.

We’re always pushing the boundaries of ERG potential and will continue in our mission to help the world build better networks together.

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Widely recognised as experts around the world

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