Invest in your
employee networks

We put employee networks, resource groups and EDI Champions at the heart of your organisation and unlock their potential to ignite change.

From London to NYC and Singapore, we’re changing the way organisations embed EDI from the bottom up.

When you partner with us, you’ll join a global movement of thousands of organisations who are creating truly inclusive workspaces, where everyone feels they belong.

Ignite Change

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EDI For All

Employee networks are our focus, but that’s not all we do. We also offer a fantastic range of EDI programmes and resources for people at every level.

We’ll work with you to strengthen your entire EDI ecosystem, by supporting and connecting everyone involved in its success.

From Network Leads, Committee Members and Sponsors to Line Managers, EDI Champions, Teams and Councils, together we’ll build the workspaces of the future.

Network Fusion

We are the catalyst for change

At Radius, we’re unleashing innovation at every level. Empowering Network Leaders and EDI Champions to turn their passion into action. And inspiring senior execs to ignite change.

Fusing top down and bottom up approaches aligned with organisational objectives, unleashes an explosive formula of fast-paced and positive change.

This EDI network fusion will help your business to stand out in a changing world and ensure you’re ready for the future, today.

Accessible Everywhere

Widely recognised as experts around the world

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