Looking for a step-by-step guide to employee networks? Let us give you the playbook!

Our Network Playbook supports Leads and Committee Members at every stage of their journey, from setting up and running a network, to operating one that ignites change.

We’ll create a bespoke A to Z guide that works for your organisation, to help networks run more efficiently and save your team time. Covering all of the practical aspects of running a network, we’ll define roles and responsibilities, explain processes and governance and explore budgets, strategy, succession and much more.

We’ll also explore your big picture EDI strategy and show networks how to support this.

stage 1 new networks leads image

Your Network Playbook will include:

  • Essential Knowledge – terms of reference, measuring success, roles & responsibilities
  • How to Guides – checklists for running successful networks
  • Process and Frameworks – on topics such as finance, leadership and planning
  • Targeted Resources – bespoke to each network
  • Succession Planning – how to empower the next generation of Network Leads

Designed to be used as an active resource, your Network Playbook will work for colleagues at every level and build consistency across your organisation.

The Playbook for Network Success!