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All around the world we’re changing the way organisations deliver and embed Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) from the grass roots up. When you partner with us, you’ll join a global movement that’s creating workspaces where everyone feels they belong.

Ignite Change

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EDI For All

We’re unique because our focus is on developing employee networks to support the entire EDI ecosystem. We offer a complete range of programmes and services for everyone involved in an ERG’s success, from Leads, Committee Members and Sponsors, to EDI Champions, Teams and Councils.

  • Our Employee Network Leadership Programme – the first of its kind – is trusted by the world’s biggest brands, and trains 20,000+ Leads each year.
  • Our Sponsors Programme helps senior leaders to understand the sponsor role and build better relationships with their ERGs
  • Our EDI Champions Programme supports people who are passionate about EDI at the very start of their journey
  • Our Network Communications Programme helps ERG members and Leads to build communication skills & find their voice
  • All of our programmes can be run in-house, adapted to your culture and needs

We also offer a range of bespoke services and products to complement our programmes.

From ERG audits and tracking network maturity, to summits and workshops, our in-house products deliver targeted support where it’s needed most.

Our products fit together seamlessly. So wherever you are in your network journey, we’ll build a roadmap that works for you.

We Ignite Change

We’ll work with you to inspire a purpose driven culture, where people are empowered to transform their space of work. We believe that EDI is everyone’s business, so we’ll help you to ignite change at every level. From Network Leads, Committee Members, and Sponsors, to EDI Champions, Teams and Councils, together we’ll build spaces where everyone feels they belong. Organisations with thriving employee networks do so much better. They perform better financially, they innovate and they attract and retain the best talent.